Crescent Institute opening up possibilities

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07/10/2020 3:46:04 AM

You can’t be what you can’t see. Crescent Institute opens up a world of possibilities for people through events and networking opportunities with Australian leaders.

Since 2006, the Crescent Institute has enabled our members to hear from State Premiers, former Prime Ministers, CEO’s of Australia’s leading companies, leading media personalities and sporting heroes as well as religious and independent thought leaders.

Collaborating and curating thought is about challenging the idea that networks and connections can’t change a system. Nothing is fixed and everything can be thought through, made better and made more inclusive. The Crescent Institute brings commercial leadership and thought leadership together to make for a greater social impact than just looking through one lens.

The Crescent Institute is a not for-profit organisation operating nationally in pursuit of a more connected, thoughtful and inclusive Australia. The Institute was founded to address a lack of meaningful access to professional networking and thought leaders.

Through its ‘Thought Leadership & Networking Events’ and Intimate Business Lunches, the Institute aims to promote an opportunity to meet and learn from Australian thought leaders in a warm business and social environment as well as keeping its members informed on vital issues.