Frequently Asked Questions

Salaam Institute is proud to support a membership of more than 4,000 diverse, ambitious professionals. Here’s everything you need to know about joining us.

Why should I join Salaam Institute?

If you are: 

  • looking to expand your professional learning
  • seeking opportunities to build networks
  • wanting to learn from leaders of industry,
  • politics, culture, and media
  • engaged and ambitious
  • someone who believes in an inclusive, diverse Australia
Salaam Institute membership is for you. Join us at an upcoming event and see for yourself.
How much does it cost to join Salaam Institute?
Membership is free, and attending our events incurs only a nominal fee. Becoming a member is simple – you can join here.
Where are events held?

Events are held in a variety of CBD venues across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. Our event partners with leading Australian organisations and is constantly updating our event calendar.

What can I expect at an event?

Each event is different, but you can expect to learn from high-profile speakers, sharing insights and leadership on topics that matter.

Previous events have covered issues such as media diversity, misogyny in politics, refugees and entrepreneurship, homelessness, AI, and recruitment, and many more.

You will have the opportunity to meet other members, network, and ask questions of our speakers, within an inclusive, collegiate environment.  

Can I bring a guest to a Salaam Institute event?

Yes guests of Salaam Institute members are always welcome to attend.

What kind of speakers does Salaam Institute host?

We believe in diversity of experience and opinion, and as such invite guests from across the spectrum to speak at our events.

The Institute has hosted past prime ministers and state premiers, CEOs of ASX-listed companies, media personalities and other prominent community figures. 

Can I suggest a speaker?
Please get in touch with us with your speaker or topic suggestions via the contact page.
Where do I learn more?
Learn more about the Institute, our upcoming events and how you can get involved here.