Umair Murtaza

Chair, Melbourne Chapter

Over the past 15 years, I have accumulated a rich and diverse working experience with PwC and multi-billion-dollar diversified conglomerates dealing in the world's leading brands in multiple geographies.

During this time, my working day was always exciting as it required me to build a comprehensive understanding of various industries while working collaboratively with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to deliver solutions and solve problems. My portfolio has included companies within FMCG, Food & Beverage, Retail, Automotive, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Education and Sports sectors.  

Currently, I am working as a Business Partnering Leader in one of Victoria's largest school education providers. In this role, I am leading and optimizing the business partnering capability of a team of more than 30 qualified accountants servicing approx 300 schools across Greater Melbourne. I provide strategic business planning, budgeting & reporting, governance, risk management and statutory compliance support to these schools alongside facilitating the adoption of a standardized ERP platform. 

I seek personal fulfillment to align myself closely with NFPs which contribute to making the world a better place. Having personally benefited from some amazing mentors in my professional and personal life, I believe the Salaam Institute provides a fantastic thought leadership platform connecting mentors with mentees and allows people to find their potential.