Farhan Rehman

Farhan Rehman

Chair, Riverina Chapter

Farhan Rehman is an Australian lawyer and is the Managing Partner at the Rehman Sheriff Group (RSG). RSG is a law firm that has a focus on immigration, recruitment and technology creation.

Farhan’s expertise is extensive in the review of Government decisions, cross border issues and Australian immigration law in particular immigration and labour shortage issues relating to Australian business.

RSG is one of the few Australian law firms that has a presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and Farhan has achieved the firm’s presence in these regions through successfully negotiating and sustaining international partnerships for many years.

Farhan prides himself on accountability and persistence both for his clients and his purposes. Originally from Wagga Wagga, Farhan has a passion to see Regional Australia thrive and to see better connectivity in professional networks between major cities and the Regions for the Australian economy to become better competitive internationally.